About Hands Off Wivenhoe Campaign Group

Colchester, Tendring, Braintree and Essex County Councils have joined together to form the North Essex Garden Communities vehicle. Three large scale developments are planned. This could include 9,000 new homes on our doorstep.

Hands Off Wivenhoe is a community group that is determined to make sure that Wivenhoe’s voice is heard. We formed in late 2017 as plans for the Garden Community on the Colchester and Tendring border started to develop.

Our members come from many different backgrounds. The unifying message is that we want Wivenhoe to remain a distinct place, and not a suburb of Colchester.

Between us we have considerable skills that can be shared to help find the best outcome for Wivenhoe.

Regular, informal meetings are held. Please do come along and join us!

2 thoughts on “About Hands Off Wivenhoe Campaign Group

  • November 19, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    I Live on The Cross and even now I find it very difficult to get out of my drive. With all the extra traffic I can’t see how it will be possible at all.

    Presumably a fair proportion of the new residents will be commuting from our little station. The existing car parks are now always full and there isn’t anywhere to put extra parking areas. The existing train service would not be able to cope. Are they intending to supply more trains?

    The doctors/medical centre is already struggling. It takes 2 weeks to get an appointment with your own doctor. Are we getting another surgery? The same goes for the dentist and the schools.

    The amount of building that has occurred in Wivenhoe and Colchester in recent years has been unprecedented so why have we got to lose our beautiful open countryside which makes our corner of Essex so unique.

    We must not let this happen.

    Pam and John Addison.

  • November 25, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Keep me informed especially meetings

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