Consultation, 20 November, William Loveless Hall, 3-7pm

North Essex Garden Communities is holding a brief consultation at the William Loveless Hall on Monday 20 November between 3-7pm.

Please do come along and pass on any concerns to the planners who want to build up to 9,000 new homes right on our doorstep.

The main message from Hands Off Wivenhoe is that any new development should not go beyond the A133. This detail has yet to be approved.

We need to speak up now to make sure that Wivenhoe is not swallowed up by the Garden Community.

The consultation should be an informal affair. All thoughts and ideas will be logged.

If we don’t put across any initial concerns then North Essex Garden Communities will claim that the community has been consulted.

Please do attend!

Monday 20 November

William Loveless Hall


One thought on “Consultation, 20 November, William Loveless Hall, 3-7pm

  • November 20, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Is there any realistic planning for not increasing, and for reducing, already dangerous levels of air pollution in our area? How good is it going to be for all of us to be sitting in even worse traffic on Clingoe hill as we wait to progress through the traffic jam. I’m interested that legal efforts to reduce air pollution are gaining some traction in the country and I would absolutely support any efforts that could work in the local area in the future. Are we building more in a way that will make our problems even worse? I’m also concerned about use of farming land. Does the university ‘need’ to expand into that area? Is the building the university is doing for the LONG TERM good — or for short term competition with other uni’s to have ‘business parks’ and so on, that will ultimately be pointless sprawl?

    We have a responsibility to think in the LONG TERM environmental interest. This is not minor. I respect need for housing; I understand Colchester has already met national targets in building new houses? (If I am wrong about that, I’d like the document that shows it, to further educate myself; but at any rate the above concerns are real.)

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