Goals and Aims of Hands Off Wivenhoe

Hands Off Wivenhoe has two main goals as detailed below. Each goal has several key aspects. To view further details of these goals or aspects just click on them.

Stop the Garden Community and associated development extending south of the A133

The key aspects of this goal are:

No housing or other development south of the A133

The Issues & Options consultation report states that the upper target of 9,000 homes will be needed to support the desired level of infrastructure and that this will require residential development south of the A133.

Any housing on the green buffer south of Boundary Road is not acceptable. Refer to the second goal below.

The other area of land in question is the triangular-shaped piece between the A133, B1028, B1027 and Elmstead Road. Part of this has been designated for University expansion and a Park & Ride. We object to developing this land because at best it will destroy the pleasant entrance into Wivenhoe from the A133, and at worst it will increase pressure to re-route the B1028 in order to give the University contiguous expansion land.

The new Garden Community centre to be located at or near to the physical centre of the development, not along the A133

This is common sense, it will make the Garden Community centre infrastructure easy to access for all residents and will help to build a sense of community.

If the development is divided into two neighbourhoods (which we think is probably a bad idea), then each neighbourhood should have a centre at or near to its physical centre.

The rural character along the A133 east of Colchester to be maintained

A belt of trees and shrubs along the north side of the A133 is required to screen the development from the view of people driving along the A133. The existing trees and shrubs should be retained and new ones planted where necessary.

The existing minor roads should be used for access to the development.

Preserve the green buffer/corridor to the north of Wivenhoe

The green buffer is the area marked with crosses on the map below.

The key aspects of this goal are:

No housing on, or directly affecting the green buffer

Any housing on the green buffer south of Boundary Road would be visible from north Wivenhoe and would effectively destroy the separation that it currently enjoys.

We are also concerned that even a small-scale development would set a precedent, with the inevitable consequence of further large-scale development following.

No University expansion on the green buffer

The University states it needs more land outside of its existing campus area to cope with long-term expansion plans. This will be for academic buildings, student accommodation and recreational space.

Under present Garden Community proposals, land for University expansion has been allocated south of the A133, between the B1027 Brightlingsea Road and to the east of the B1028 Colchester Road.

Developments there will be visible from north Wivenhoe and would effectively destroy the separation that it currently enjoys.

We recognise land should be allocated for long-term University expansion, but this land should be on the north side of the A133 much closer to the existing campus area.

No Link road running across the green buffer

We are not convinced that a new road between the A133 and B1028 is needed. The existing roads are adequate for the current and foreseeable traffic levels to/from the University and Wivenhoe.

Similarly, we are not convinced that the Rapid Transit route needs to cross the green buffer. Given that the Rapid Transit will be a bus, we seen no reason why the buses cannot travel a short distance along the A133 to the B1028 junction and then along the B1028 to Boundary Road.

The green buffer land should be protected to ensure that it can never be developed

We favour putting the land into some form of trust so that it is no longer under the control of the council(s) or NEGC Ltd, or at least have it zoned as Open Space where it will have some level of protection from future development.

The purpose of these goals is to protect the unique identity and character of Wivenhoe and prevent it being absorbed into Colchester.

Hands Off Wivenhoe will lobby the local councils and North Essex Garden Communities Ltd to achieve these goals.

Wivenhoe is special and we all want to keep it that way!

6 thoughts on “Goals and Aims of Hands Off Wivenhoe

  • November 17, 2017 at 8:30 am

    It’s desperately sad – but the pressure to build any houses anywhere means communities just get absorbed into sprawling towns…and there’s little or no consideration for the impact on schools, services, transport. Sadly it seems there’s little anyone can do – the council and/or the government will find a way of forcing through any plans they see fit. Let’s hope this time we can make a difference.

  • November 18, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Happy to support,more people need to stand up for this or a lot more villages/towns will just get merged together,look at Colchester it has doubled in size since I moved to this area in 1999,with no major inforstructure to support its rapid expansion.😤

  • November 20, 2017 at 6:54 am

    The only development suggested south of the A133 in the concept framework contained in the consultation document is a new Park and Ride facility and additional land for university use expansion (i.e. uses associated with the university’s role as an educational establishment).

  • November 20, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    University expansion okay IF it’s more playing fields or the like. NOT residential. We need our green gap. As for the Park and Ride – have you any more good Jokes?

  • January 11, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    Hi, I live on the northern boundary of Wivenhoe and our lovely little bungalow overlooks Farmer Gooch’s field.

    I am offering up my very prominent fence for a nice big HOW banner, if anyone is willing to co-contribute towards the cost??

    EVERYONE entering Wivenhoe will see it as they drive in!!

  • January 20, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    I support HOW… we have to try to stop any further expansion .. Schools , doctors surgery and roads already struggling to cope … my motto … WAGS… Not wife and girlfriends
    (of fiootballers ) , but …. WIVENHOE AINT GOT SPACE. Ha ha …

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