Other Groups Campaigning Against Garden Communities

Wivenhoe is not alone in trying to protects its community from over-development. Other local groups are coming together to achieve the best outcome for their communities.

The Campaign Against Urban Sprawl in Essex (CAUSE) is doing a decent job in protecting the rural communities around the West Tey development.

Stop Erosion of Rural Communities in Local Essex (SERCLE) is campaigning against the West of Braintree Garden Community development.

The Greenstead Independents are also concerned about the East of Colchester Garden Community that threatens to swallow up Wivenhoe. The local residents on the Greenstead Estate are campaigning to protect Salary Brook on the edge of their boundary.

Ardleigh Matters has been campaigning against proposed developments in Ardleigh by Gladman and Anglian Water.

Colchester East Action Group (CHEAG) opposes the East of Colchester Garden Community. We believe the residents of Longridge Park and Greenstead have formed it.

STOP TCBGC opposes the East of Colchester Garden Community. We believe the residents of Crockleford Heath have formed it.

Ardleigh and East Colchester Conservation Society (AECCS) are opposing a Gladman application for housing off the Bromley Road. They say they are the local residents of Ardleigh and East Colchester.

This is a campaign that can only be strengthened by cohesion. The divide and rule tactics will fail. We need to form alliances with other groups fighting to protect their community.

Organisations Involved with Urban Planning 

A Better Way are promoting a set of design principles for new developments. They are an offshoot of CAUSE.

Campaign for Better Transport is a national organisation campaigning to make good transport ideas a reality and stop bad ones from happening.

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is a national organisation campaigning to protect the countryside from over-development.

Civic Voice are the national charity for the civic movement in England. They claim to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive and to promote civic pride.

The Future Spaces Foundation was established in 2013 by Ken Shuttleworth as the research and development arm of Make Architects. Its aim is to generate new thinking and research to inform the design of the spaces we inhabit. They have produced an interesting report entitled “Vital Cities not Garden Cities”.

The International Garden Cities Institute (IGCI) was founded by Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation to showcase Garden Cities from around the world as a solid model for new development. It has a partnership with the University of Hertfordshire.

The Prince’s Foundation is a charity set up by HRH The Prince of Wales. Its objective is to realise the Prince’s vision of creating harmonious communities. It has designed urban developments at Nansledan in Newquay and Coed Darcy in South Wales.

The Project for Modern Democracy (p4md) is an independent, non-party think tank set up by Nick Herbert MP to promote more efficient government and good citizenship. It has an ongoing project entitled Planning Change which  looks at the fundamentals of planning policy and asks: how can more homes be built while maintaining essential countryside protections, as well as public and political support for necessary changes? The Blog of this project makes an interesting read.

Smart Growth UK advocate planning that emphasises compact and accessible urban communities and which does not result in urban sprawl and car dependency. They are opposed to Garden Towns and Villages, mainly because of their low density.

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) was founded by Sir Ebenezer Howard in 1899 to promote the idea of the Garden City. It was first called the Garden City Association, and then the Garden Cities and Town Planning Association. It works to improve the art and science of town and country planning. It campaigns for the reform of the UK’s planning system to make it more responsive to people’s needs and aspirations and to promote sustainable development.

The Urban Design Group is a charity concerned with the quality of life in our cities, towns and villages. It believes that raising standards of urban design is central to its improvement. Their web site contains much interesting material on the study and design of cities and other urban developments.

Other Useful Links

The Issues and Options Consultation responses are on Braintree District Council’s web site. To view them in a new tab click here.

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