The Inspector’s Letter

The Local Plan Inspector has written to the local Councils to advise them what they need to do to make the Section 1 Plan sound and legally-compliant. His letter thoroughly refutes their assumptions and demolishes many of their arguments.

His overall conclusion is set out in paragraph 130:

  1. It will be evident from the foregoing discussion that I consider that the Garden Community proposals contained in the Plan are not adequately justified and have not been shown to have a reasonable prospect of being viably developed. As submitted, they are therefore unsound.

Jason Cobb has written an excellent summary of the letter, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Peter Kay has also made some rather telling comments. They can be viewed by clicking here.

Finally, the complete letter can be downloaded from here.

Whilst this is an extremely good result for HOW and the other groups opposing the Garden Communities, it is not yet a victory. It is not clear what will happen next. The brass necks at the Councils and NEGC will doubtless try to salvage something from this self-inflicted shambles. We must stay vigilant. The fight continues!

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